How to order

Placing order on our webshop is rather simple. Take your time to go through our product range. On every product there is indication of stock level. If the webpage shows the item is on stock, then it is. The webshop will not allow you to add items to cart if there is not enough available in stock.

Once you have found product you would like to add to cart, just edit quantity to wished level and push add to cart button.

After adding product to cart you can still shop in the webshop and look for other products. If you find any other interesting products, just add them to the cart just like you did before. Once all the needed products are added to the cart or you want to check what you have added to the cart, you can click cart icon on top right of the screen. If everthing seems to be in the cart that needs to be there you can continue to checkout by clicking the checkout button.

On the checkout page you need to fill in your data that we need to fulfill your order.

Before you can place the order you should go through the sales terms and agree with them.

After you have submitted order, you will get email confirming it. We will check the order and will contact you by email, this will take around 1 business day.